Vinyl Mastering

Vinyl Mastering

Recommended Recording Times for Vinyl LP & Single Records :
12″ 33.3 RPM: 12″ 45 RPM:
22 minutes per side 14 minutes per side
10″ 33.3 RPM 10″ 45 RPM:
13 minutes per side 10 minutes per side
7″ 33.3 RPM: 7″ 45 RPM:
7 minutes per side 5 minutes per side

Featuring a fully restored, custom Scully Lathe with Digital Control of Analog Functions and Neumann style depth control for long and robust vinyl sides.

There are level (volume) and length (overall time) limits to all vinyl projects. Audio Program length (side length) over 20 minutes should be discussed with our engineers.

Want the sound of the 1950’s and 1960’s? We can cut your master thru our Ampex 351 tube line amplifiers for that elusive vibe you’ve been searching for. [ test and setup charges will apply – please discus your needs when ordering ]

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If you need something ASAP, please call 615-425-0739 and speak to a real live person!! We’re here for you!! 🙂 …and if the machine answers, either the music is up or we’ve finally gone home! (but we’ll call you back shortly)

For booking, please email:

Email: Eric Conn – eric [@] independentmastering [dot] com

Email: Don Cobb – don [@]independentmastering [dot] com

If you don’t feel like calling or emailing but you’d still like some information, you can send us your contact information and we’ll be happy to get back to you.