Vinyl Mastering

Featuring a fully restored, custom Scully Mastering Lathe

There are 5 setups in the world (that we know of) for this kind of “floating” Westrex 3DII cutting head, and all were custom made for A&M Records (two are currently in use at Bernie Grundman mastering). Wonderfully tight in the low-end, silky smooth up top and clear as bell.  Simply put: it sounds beautiful.

Vinyl Mastering Order Form


  • Custom Analog Mastering Console
  • Discrete signal path
  • Mastering Lab Line Amplifiers
  • Mastering Lab LA2A style dynamics
  • Ampex 351 tape electronics
  • Custom 1/2″ or 1/4″ MCI JH-110M Mastering Tape Machine with discrete playback electronics
    • lacquer mastering from tape
      • all passive chain – two discrete operational amplifiers between the tape head and the cutting amps
      • 2 Buss, A/B (aka upper/lower) signal path means real time Level & EQ changes from tape to disk
Custom Scully Recording Lathe at Independent Mastering

Recommended Maximum Recording Times for Vinyl LP & Single Records :
12″ – 33.3 RPM:12″ – 45 RPM:
                  18 – 20 minutes per side                    12 minutes per side
10″ – 33.3 RPM10″ – 45 RPM:
                    13 minutes per side                    10 minutes per side
7″ – 33.3 RPM:7″ – 45 RPM:
                    7 minutes per side                    5 minutes per side