Vinyl Mastering

Featuring a fully restored, custom Scully Mastering Lathe

What makes this particular cutting lathe special is it’s ability to adjust for width and depth of the groove like the final Neumann VMS80/82 systems built in the early 1980’s, but with the enormous and gorgeous sounding Westrex 3DII (or Haeco) cutting head. It’s completely custom, we built it (with help!) from the ground up and completed it in 2017. This system is as good or better than any lacquer mastering system in use today.

There are 5 setups in the world (that we know of) for this kind of “floating” Westrex cutting head, and all were custom made for A&M Records (two are currently in use at Bernie Grundman mastering). Wonderfully tight in the low-end, silky smooth up top and clear as bell.  Simply put: it sounds beautiful.

Recommended Maximum Recording Times for Vinyl LP & Single Records :
12″ – 33.3 RPM:12″ – 45 RPM:
                  18 – 20 minutes per side                    12 minutes per side
10″ – 33.3 RPM10″ – 45 RPM:
                    13 minutes per side                    10 minutes per side
7″ – 33.3 RPM:7″ – 45 RPM:
                    7 minutes per side                    5 minutes per side

Vinyl Mastering Order Form


  • Custom Analog Mastering Console
  • Discrete signal path
  • Mastering Lab Line Amplifiers
  • Mastering Lab LA2A style dynamics
  • Ampex 351 tape electronics
  • Custom 1/2″ or 1/4″ MCI JH-110M Mastering Tape Machine