• $100/song

EQ / Leveling is done through the custom analog console, with additional EQ / Level available digitally “in the box”.

Touchups ARE INCLUDED within reason. We usually get it right the first time, and we are committed to your happiness. If something isn’t to your liking, we’ll work until it is. *Remixes and re-sequencing will add to the cost of any single, EP, or album project. However, if something goes quickly, you may find that your invoice total will be less than the estimate here. We do not charge for time not spent.


Need a no frills master? We can edit and assemble everything you need and create masters for digital delivery, vinyl, or CD.

  • < 40 minutes $350
  • > 50 minutes $550
    • includes leveling, fades, start/stop marks, meta-data, cd-master, wav files for digital delivery



  • Transfer through the analog console – $300
    • Featuring Mastering Lab tube line amps / solid state discrete line amps.
  • Tape Transfer – $650 + tape
    • bounce your project to 1/4″ or 1/2″ tape, 55 minutes of program or less.
    • Includes proper tape setup, alignment and tones.
      • we use new reels of tape and the tape is yours to keep — the point being we’re not recording over the same piece of tape over and over. (Some places do. WE don’t)
    • Tape editing, timing, and assembly of Analog Masters on 14″ reels for vinyl lacquer master – $150/hr


  • Custom Analog Mastering Console
  • Custom EQs – Tube and Solid State
  • API 5500 EQs (modified)
  • EAR Yoshino / Tim de Paravicini Tube EQ
  • Electrodyne EQs (custom modified)
  • Discrete signal path (no chip opamps)
  • Mastering Lab Line Amplifiers
  • Mastering Lab LA2A style dynamics
  • SSL Compression
  • Variable Mu Compression
  • Ampex 351 tape electronics for tape path or line amp usage
  • Custom 1/2″ or 1/4″ MCI JH-110M Mastering Tape Machine
Don Cobb transferring 1/4″ tape on the modified JH110M


$150 – includes ISRC

Single / EP / Album Mastering Order Form

Our Guidelines page will help you prepare for your mastering session.

Vinyl Mastering Order Form

Reference Disks / Dub Plates

  • 12″  [ 5/20/21 limited stock ] – $150ea. one side good; one side is often un-useable
  • 10″ [ when available ]

[ We do not do “spec” work, free work, etc. We’re happy to help you achieve the sound you’re looking for, with constructive communication, and we are happy to evaluate a track – for free – as long as time allows. However, if you’re looking for someone to “guess” what you want, this isn’t the place. We charge $150 for singles, this is the cost to begin the work and it is applied to your album or single. We work until you are happy. (within reason, as we have found that some people are not ready to finish their record) (which is ok) Thank you for understanding professional service and respecting our time, energy and experience. ]

The Fine Print aka Terms & Conditions

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