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and there’s a ton of records we haven’t been credited on… it’s a shame, but, it’s life as an engineer. We have many clients in Europe, Australia, Israel, and the far east that never make the All Music lists. If you have questions about what we’ve done, call us!!

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We’ve generally worked on an album a day for the last 30+ years; since 2001, all at Independent Mastering. It amounts to several thousand albums worth of experience!

Curious about other artists that we have worked with? Here’s a short list:

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(photo credit:Dave Bechtel)

Oleta Adams, Christmas with Oleta Adams

Alabama, Last Stand

Asleep at the Wheel, Ride With Bob

Blue Highway, Blue Highway

Blue Highway, Marbletown

Garth Brooks, The Lost Sessions

Garth Brooks, entire catalog (remastering from original source tapes)

JJ Cale, Rewind: The Unreleased Recordings

Crooked Still, Still Crooked

Crooked X, Crooked X

Crooked X, Til We Bleed EP

Crowbar, Equilibrium

Charlie Daniels, A Gospel Bluegrass Collection

Charlie Daniels, Songs from the Longleaf Pines

Deadly Gentleman, The Bastard Masterpiece

Kenny Chesney, Everywhere We Go

Kenny Chesney, Greatest Hits

Dixie Chicks, Fly

Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces

Dokken, Long Way Home

The Duhks, The Duhks

Kinky Freedman, Why The Hell Not?

Generation J, Sweet Place

Vince Gill, Let’s Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye

Steve Goodman, Live At The Earl of Old Town

Happy Texas, Music From The Motion Picture

Will Hoge, Draw The Curtains

Janis Ian, Billies Bones

Janis Ian, Folk Is The New Black

Janis Ian, Best of Janis Ian: The Autobiography Collection

The Infamous Stringdusters, The Infamous Stringdusters

George Jones, The Rock

The Judds, Reunion

Wynonna Judd, New Day Dawning

Toby Keith, How Do You Like Me Now

Mark Knopfler, Sailing to Philadelphia

Leftover Salmon, The Nashville Sessions

Lennon, Career Suicide

Lennon, Damaged Goods

Little Texas, Live and Loud: The Very Best of Little Texas

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lyve The Vicious Cycle Tour

The Mavericks, Live In Austin Texas

Jessica Lea Mayfield, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt

Reba McEntire, If You See Him

Martina McBride, White Christmas

Martina McBride, Emotion

Monte Montgomery, Monte Montgomery


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Allison Moorer, Miss Fortune

Shawn Mullins, 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor

Willie Nelson and Asleep At the Wheel, Willie and the Wheel

Joe Nichols, Man With A Memory

Nickle Creek, Reasons Why

Nickle Creek, Best of Nickle Creek

Ted Nugent, Nugent

Ted Nugent, Penetrator

Ted Nugent, Little Miss Dangerous

Ted Nugent, If You Can’t Lick ‘Em … Lick ‘Em

Tim O’Brien, Fiddlers Green (Grammy winner for Best Traditional Folk)

Tim O’Brien, Cornbread Nation

Tim O’Brien, Chameleon

Anders Osborne, Coming Down

Joan Osborne, Pretty Little Stranger

Dolly Parton, Little Sparrow

Warren Pash, Warren Pash & The Plastic Rulers

Tom Paxton, Looking for the Moon

John Prine, In Spite of Ourselves

John Prine, Fair and Square (Grammy winner for Best Folk)

Dan Reeder, Sweetheart

Riders in the Sky, A Pair of Kings

Riders in the Sky, Christmas the Cowboy Way

Kenny Rogers, Through the Years

Earl Scruggs With Family & Friends, The Ultimate Collection: Live at the Ryman

Ricky Skaggs, History of the Future

Ricky Skaggs, The Songs of Bill Monroe

Ricky Skaggs, Soldier of the Cross

Skid Row, Revolutions Per Minute

Mindy Smith, Long Island Shores

George Strait, 50 Number Ones

George Strait, Classic Christmas

George Strait, For The Last Time

George Strait, Latest Greatest Straitest

38 Special, Drivetrain

Joe Tex, Oh Boy Classics Presents

The Tractors, Farmers In A Changing World

The Tractors, Fast Girl

Uncle Earl, Waterloo Tennessee

Townes Van Zandt, Far Cry From Dead

John Waite, Figure In A Landscape (remastering from original source tapes)

John Waite, Temple Bar (added bonus tracks)

John Waite, When You Were Mine (added bonus tracks)

Tony Joe White, The Heroines

Tony Joe White, Uncovered

Tony Joe White, Deep Cuts

Tony Joe White, HooDoo

and more here at Album Credits
and even more here at Album Credits

and there’s a ton of records we haven’t been credited on… it’s a shame, but, it’s life. We have also done mastering for clients in Europe, Australia, Israel, and Russia that never make the All Music lists. If you have questions about what we’ve done, call us!!