Mastering, Equalization, Transfers

Independent Mastering is a full service CD Mastering lab featuring a custom discrete analog console, custom tube and solid state EQs and compressors plus, a wide variety of stock and modified outboard gear. We also have custom tube and discrete solid state 1/2″ and 1/4″ tape machines featuring AMPEX 351 playback electronics.

Mastering – Integrity and Service

We are an independently owned and operated business built on the time proven principals of integrity, enthusiasm and great service. We continue to be a leader in the “black art” of mastering for the simple fact that we love what we do, are passionate about quality audio, and we are devoted to the music!

What We Do

Some of the services Independent Mastering offers:

  • Equalization & Leveling
  • Master assembly (analog & digital)
  • Editing
    • Live albums
    • Radio singles
    • Classical music editing (to score)
    • Audio for music video (with count off beeps)
    • Radio shows (assembly, leveling)
    • 5.1 DVD/SACD production & authoring
    • Audio sweetening for television
    • Restoration

    We work with a wide variety of record labels, producers, artists, and engineers in all types and genres of music: Rock, Country, Americana, Jazz, Bluegrass, Folk, R&B, Urban, Rap and Classical. There are no second engineers, there are no interns.

    Our restoration work featuring NoNOISE and CEDAR systems to preserve your tape or disc. For recordings on tape, baking is available and transfers can be made via restored vintage AMPEX 351 tape electronics. 2, 3, or 4 track tape transfers are made to your preferred media. For disc transfers, we can delicately handle transcription, lacquer or vinyl media, preserving the musicality and performance.