The halls of Independent Mastering are lined with Gold and Platinum albums that read like a who’s who of popular music from Garth Brooks to Quincy Jones, Jimmie Buffett to Waylon Jennings, and a few modestly placed Grammy winners throughout including John Prine’s Fair and Square and Tim O’Brien’s Fiddler’s Green.

When it comes to customer service and quality work, Independent Mastering always hits a high note. Here are just a few of the things the clients have had to say:

“Thanks for all your wonderful efforts on these songs and over the years. Thanks for everything!”
          —George Strait


“Guys, listened to the record last night over and over…FANTASTIC.
Gentlemen, thank you all for it…love, love, love, g”
          —Garth Brooks


“2 of my favorite people in the music biz, and 4 of my favorite ears as well! Eric, Don and Chaco make sure every project sounds great, and a wonderful experience all the way round, thanks for everything.”
          —Sam Seifert, Bismeaux [Austin, TX]


“Mastering is the final process before your music hits the public ear and it creates a direct connection between your project and the audience. Mastering is a very important step in finishing a project. Eric Conn and Don Cobb at Independent Mastering have always been able to perfect that very important step on all of my projects. I never had to change anything after they got a hold of my music, always the perfect final touch, and super nice guys to boot.”
          —Michael Wagener [Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica]


“Eric has been one of my go-to guys for anything mastering. Draw yourself a continuum with a person you don’t want to work with on one end, and the very best dang professional feller and friend on the other—and put Eric down there on that end.”
          —Steve Ripley, The Tractors [The Church Studio, Tulsa, OK]


“Why let your third cousins best friend in high school master your record when you can work with the Pope’s two favorite mastering guru’s of sound!  If it is good enough for the Pontiff, well then, it should be good enough for you sinners.”
Ken Coomer, Wilco, [session drummer & producer; Nashville TN]


Ed Seay, Producer / Engineer [Joe Nichols, Billy Ray Cyrus, Martina                         McBride; Nashville, TN]


“I’ve been showing up at Eric & Don’s for years with a vast array of material – and they’re never stumped! I trust them with anything and it always sounds better.”
          –Neal Cappellino, Producer / Engineer [Alison Krauss, Joan Osborne,                       Gabriel Kelley; Nashville, TN]


“Sending my tracks to Eric Conn and Don Cobb is like adding magic sauce. I’ve done four albums with them and they always make ’em sound fantastic. Independent adds depth, clarity, sizzle, and presence to every note. They define professional caliber high fidelity audio.”

          –Cameron Tummel, Recording Artist, Educator, Drum Facilitator.
          [MFA World Percussion California Institute of the Arts]